July 2018
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You Are Amazing!

Don’t let the “About Me” section of your online dating
profile be one that could describe thousands of women. Be unique
when writing about yourself and highlight what makes you
“amazing”! Getting a man to see you as “amazing” starts with

What it Means:

One area that women typically “miss” on when
it comes to effectively creating online dating profiles is the
“About Me” section. Women commonly fear that men won’t like
them if they show they are unique in this section… which doesn’t
make any sense! You need to be unique if you have any chance in sparking a man’s
interest. How many online dating profiles, written by women,
have you come across that state they enjoy “reading great books,
taking long walks on the beach and long baths”? Did you click
on it? Exactly, no one is interested in someone that sounds
like 90% of the other dating profiles on the site!
Bottom Line:

If you want your “About Me” section on your online
dating profile to spark the right man’s interest, you need to
be unique and honest. Take time to think about what it is that
really describes you and the things that you truly enjoy doing.

If you want to find a man with similar interests, you must know
what your interests are first! Take the first opportunity to
show Mr. Right that you’re “amazing” by sprucing up your “About Me”
section today!




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