May 2018
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A Magic Traffic Signal For Men

The Girl Gets Ring System is a product created by Jonathan Green of the Girlfriend in a Week System and T.W. (“T Dub”) Jackson of the Magic of Making Up System.

When you understand the Magic Traffic Signals of men’s behaviour you’ll discover the secret tips that will allow you to understand how to turn it all around so he wants to fully commit to you and take your relationship to the next level…

This Girl Gets Ring System course is designed to help you FULLY understand the motivations of men and provide you with a step-by-step blueprint to go from meeting a man to getting him to propose and asking you for your hand in marriage.





Do you dream of being married soon?

Would you like to join the Million Marriage Mission,

the biggest marriage movement in history?

The Million Marriage Mission is the goal of relationship experts T Dub Jackson, (author of “The Magic of Making Up”) and Jonathan Green, (author of “Girlfriend in a Week”). They’d love to help you get an engagement ring on your finger and get married soon.

There are millions of women in relationships where she feels frustrated with her guy because the relationship isn't moving forward toward marriage.

This is a very emotional problem because many of these women have years invested in their relationship.


There are millions of women in the dating scene who can't seem to get their relationship off the launch pad.

They feel they'll never find the love they deserve or start the family they want.

T Dub and Jonathan want to help these women get the marriage relationship they deserve with help from

The Girl Gets Ring System


The Million Marriage Mission



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